An audit trail is a chronological, detailed record where accounting records and other financial data are tracked and traced. It helps an organization in numerous ways. An audit trail helps strengthen the internal process, improve the tracking and safekeeping process for financial data, and positively impact the workplace culture. Not only internally, it even benefits the organization externally as well. Here is a detailed guide to understanding everything regarding the audit trail. Keep scrolling through to know the details.

What is an audit trail?

An audit trail or audit log is the date and time-stamped record of history containing the details regarding financial transactions, work events, or financial ledger entries. This detailed transaction record helps you in tracing the purchasing process.

The usefulness of an audit trial depends on how comprehensive your record-keeping system is. Like, if an organization pays for the product, then you should include the following details:

  • Request for order from
  • Purchase order form
  •  Invoice
  • Receipt
  •  Transaction details and much more.

How does the audit trail work?

An audit trail is the record of events that contains the transaction details. It can be simple or complex, depending on the transactions and logs. Before starting with audit trails, you must note that it must start with the document's source, which can be an invoice, receipt, voucher, or purchase request. An accountant will save these details in the general ledger. Then, several steps detail the transaction process between the source document and the general ledger. Each transaction differs depending on your purchases and the steps you follow to complete them.

Because of the benefits audit trail offers, deploying a solution that will automatically help in creating an audit trail is a top priority for many finance teams. Be it an accounting tool or a spend management tool, it helps in making the tiresome task of audit trail easy.

Who uses an audit trail?

IT department staff mostly manages Audit Trails. However, all the users of electronic touch records, be it employees, managers, legal team members, accountants, etc., are a part of the audit trail. It can even include a computer system. Therefore, any human users or a system that updates or accesses the record becomes a part of the audit trail. 

Correct implementation of audit trails helps in delivering benefits to the users. So, let us dive deeper to know more.

Benefits of keeping an audit trail

Different organizations value different benefits from audit trails. But there is a list of benefits that positively impact all organizations. Some of them are listed below:

  • It helps in preventing fraud

Proper record-keeping helps to make it easier to detect and examine inconsistencies. In addition, the team members are less likely to make fraudulent or malicious purchases if they know the audit trail results. Therefore, implementing an audit trail in your organization helps to reduce the chances of fraud. 

  • Allows for stress-free audits

You must have seen organizations living with the constant fear of tax audits. But how would you feel, or your organization gain if you get the best solution to minimize the pain of audit? An audit trial is the best way as it helps you with proper record keeping. In addition, with regular maintenance of the transaction, auditors can quickly determine whether the transaction is valid to be registered. As a result, the auditors work faster, and the organizations spend less money and time on audit expenses.

Businesses and organizations must always keep records of audit trails, as it not only helps to save money but also helps to build up trust that your internal spending controls are strong. A lost transaction leads to suspicion, which leads to a long audit.

  •  Better positioned to secure investment and loan

All investors research the company before investing in it. Your company establishes credibility by displaying precise records that reflect efficient internal processes. This, in turn, helps in raising the value of your organization.

The same applies when a business needs a loan, or a nonprofit submits a grant application. Complete audit records show careful due diligence, reassuring any investment.

  •  Error correction and timesaving

While mistakes can occur, locating and fixing them can take valuable time. However, you can save your prestigious time through audit trails. Accounting professionals can rapidly locate the information they need when they need it and fix any errors before they turn into catastrophes with the proper documentation.

  • Helps to avoid regulatory compliance infractions

No business wants to fall short of regulatory compliance. But if they do, it might result in heavy fines, lost contracts, and much more. Of course, compliance requirements vary based on different industries. Regardless, reviewing the laws governing your industry and maintaining a thorough audit trail is critical. It helps you continue doing the right thing and avoid paying expensive fines.

  •  Helps in increasing efficiency

An organization can save time and operate more efficiently by readily reviewing an audit trail that is thorough and available. You can locate business information that is hidden in your books with the use of the historical record. For instance, employing audit trail information can reveal all the data pertaining to a transaction if you need to locate it. You should have some of the necessary information, such as the exact price or the date. Audit trails record every aspect of a transaction, including all revisions. As a result, less versioning and corrections are needed, saving business time.

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