Goggles can change the game when it comes to styling up your look. They are incredibly effective at setting a theme for your entire ensemble and can even be the statement piece if balanced with the right clothing and style. Sunglasses have stood the test of time as an effective accessory because they continue to serve their primary function: protecting the eyes from the sun. The major change in the last few decades has been in reinventing the design of this simple accessory and making it a fashion statement unique to every wearing.

When we shop for accessories or apparel, we seek exclusivity in designs. We want to feel like that design is our signature statement. Goggles are an extension of our personality and should always be styled to our aesthetic. The need for fresh designs is always on the horizon, with global trends being as dynamic as they are. This is also why designers and retailers have been introducing new goggles and sunglasses that are inspired by the masses and trends across the decades, rather than being confined to what works. Therefore, there is always a piece that fits everyone's style quotient. Here is a selection of dapper branded goggles to help make a style statement effortlessly.

Smart in Squares

Looking dapper is achievable with the right pair of sunglasses, and these square-rimmed sunglasses are a style statement encased in much more. A true amalgamation of innovation and style, these Smart Audio goggles allow the wearer to enjoy several features you are unlikely to find in any other pair. From Music, Voice Navigation to Calls, these sunglasses are the future of modern eyewear. The design is a simple black, square-rimmed style that keeps it approachable for various users.

Sporty in Semis

The new-age style statement is all about breaking the norm and setting your own path, and nothing is more effective for the same than going for a pair of black, semi-rimmed wraparound goggles. These goggles have returned to the fore of fashion, having made their appearances on runways. The avant-garde styles have now evolved into the futuristic aesthetic, with these sunglasses at the movement's helm. Great when paired with street-style apparel, these sunglasses usher in a new style wave.

Bold in Browns

The most important thing to remember when shopping for eyewear is to select the style that flatters your face the best. Aviator goggles are always the pick to make when you are stuck in a conundrum about which style is the most timeless. If you are looking to make a statement, these brown Aviator sunglasses are bound to help you succeed in your mission to awe the onlookers wherever you go. The delicate brown hue in this classic style always makes for a memorable visual.

Bugeye in Brown

Bugeye goggles are the blueprint for sunglasses that were designed to make a statement. The big frames are not just vital for sun protection for the eyes and skin but also an added style upgrade for all your looks. This pair, in a soft brown tortoise-shell-inspired design, is a great accessory for your fall and winter looks. When paired with layers and big silhouettes, these bugeye goggles are the show-stopping accessory, bound to make people stop and stare.

Sepias and Golds

Golds, metallics, and whites are always known to be the picks for those who live to stand out. This pair of navigator sunglasses are a perfect fit into that aesthetic, where the brilliance of the eyewear is what makes the entire ensemble memorable. In addition, these goggles can be considered to be statement pieces of their own due to their slim yet radiant design that is accentuated by the brown tinted lenses. Therefore, you should make these goggles your pick of choice if you seek to stand out.

You are the one who carries the style you set when you walk into a room. Aside from confidence, it is important to always have the right elements to bring together a flawless ensemble. The elements of a good look are bound to change with the day, occasion and season, but some accessories such as goggles can be your companion through all the dynamic changes. Hence, it would be best if you always headed over to reliable eyewear brands like Fastrack, who make the process of shopping to make a statement easy like never before.