Heading out for work is often a time of day that is punctuated by moments of readiness, drudgery, and rushing. The workday is one that is filled with many such ups and downs, and fielding so many tasks often grow tiresome. That, however, does not mean that we need to wear the exhaustion externally as well. Before heading out to work, we often dress to fit in and conform to a standard of uniformity in the workplace. Adding subtle accessories to one’s work look can often retain a sense of self and liven up your spirits.

Nowadays, workplaces have grown more urban allowing for a more flexible approach to one’s professional wear. While not the case for all workplaces, most workplaces allow for subtle accessorizing which can help you brighten up your workplace attires in the most effortless way possible. Therefore, having the right formal watches for men in your wardrobe is a must. They can be great at communicating a part of your personality that speaks for the work you do, and make you look your professional best. Therefore, if you want to impress clients and make a mark at your workplace, below are some options to start with when looking for formal watches for men.

 Anthracite Black Dial


Formal watches for men at their very core are supposed to be watches that function as a reflection of who you are as an individual, one that can be easily communicated through the unassuming timepiece that you wear on the wrist. This Anthracite dial is one piece that stands out in the most understated manner, with an unconventional dial colour and a quartz movement that is accented with rose gold embellishments. The Stainless Steel straps in the black when contrasted against the Anthracite give it an edgy yet classy look.

On Trend Black Dial with Leather Strap


The On-Trend Black dial may seem like a conventional choice within formal watches for men, but sometimes it is the simplest design that succeeds in leaving a lasting impression in the workplace. This timepiece is one that is designed to offer an effortless symphony of dark and light tones. The black dial that holds the quartz movement is contrasted by the Stainless Steel case that is in a peachy, metallic shade. The straps then continue in brown leather, giving it a chic and sophisticated aura. It can skillfully compliment business wear and casual wear alike.

On Trend White Dial


Some formal watches for men are meant to conform to the status quo, but that does not have to be at the expense of style. This On Trend White dial watch is one that achieves the same with its unassuming design, but versatile use and functionality. The multifunction dial on the pristine white dial is livened up by the blue leather straps that are meant to go with the colour palettes of workwear effortlessly. This makes the watch a must-have in your formal watch collection, as it can become a reliable accessory for you to sport daily to stay punctual and stylish all at once.

Silver Dial Automatic Watch


The trend of watch wear where the inner workings of the timepiece are the main attraction of a piece is a fascinating concept. This Silver Dial Automatic watch celebrates the same spirit of craftsmanship and work ethic in this piece of workwear. The silver dial is eye-catching and radiant, but the central aspect of this watch is the Skeletal of the bare gears that work deftly to tell the time. An ode to the classics, this watch holds within it a power reserve that keeps it running for a long time. A must for a good collection of formal watches for men, this piece is one worth your penny.

 Workwear Watch with Anthracite Dial


One can never fail with the basics, and while workwear watches must adhere to certain limits of style and design, this piece is one that is sure to stand out. This workwear watch with an Anthracite dial and dual-toned Stainless Steel straps is one that plays on dark hues that complement one another. A trendsetter of its own right, this watch also pays a small tribute to vintage watch designs with the date display window embedded into the dial. The dark hues give the watch a sense of gravitas, elevating all your workwear ensembles to a new level of elegance.

While the options for formal watches for men are a space endlessly saturated with several options across brands and price points, shopping for the same can become overwhelming. Brands like Titan offer a great collection of formal watches for men in an abundance of styles and prices, so head over and find your ideal workwear watch. So even as your workday is engulfed in stress and high-pressure deadlines, looking at your treasured watch as you wait for the day to be over will always lift your spirits.